ABOUT US 关于我们 Runshang Network is committed to promoting e-commerce business development. We are the first choice of one-stop e-commerce service!

       Since its foundation in 2005, the company has always been committed to providing professional, information technology consultancy services in the country. It is the pioneer in utilizing business model to achieve enterprise informationization. Based on the characteristics of Chinese enterprises and its deep understanding in their informationization needs, the business model of "informationized operations" has successfully provided a comprehensive and multi -level informationization solution for thousands of enterprises in Fujian Province and the country.

Professional advisory services. Understands the needs of enterprise customers

       Advisory services is an important basis for the development of Fujian Runshang Network Technology Co. , Ltd. business model. Our localized, face to face and ongoing advisory services help enterprise customers to implement enterprise informationization.

       Over the years , developing direct branches, the company has established an extensive network of professional services throughout the city of Fujian province, and it is extending to the whole country. Customer-oriented professional consultancy services to provide one-to-one , to keep abreast of corporate customers personalized needs at different stages of development , to provide targeted solutions , with the whole process of enterprise information technology. Our customers will become the enterprise information loyal partner.

Leading technological and high -quality operational services

       The informationized operations services are supporting by leading technical strength and mature operational service system and an experienced business information operations team.

       The company sets up professional ultra large-scale data centers in Fujian Anxi, with exclusive gigabit bandwidth , thousands of high-performance servers , professional firewall , antivirus gateway security facilities , and first in the industry to launch a 7 × 24 hours without intermittent operations and maintenance services , real-time response to customer demand , real-time to solve customer problems .

       Over the years , the company has established industry benchmark for service quality goals and improve the quality of service , to become the benchmark of Chinese enterprises operating in the field of information technology .

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